The Clear Choice for Safety Drive-Through Doors

Posted on 10th August 2018 PVC strip curtains for factories and warehouses

Safety is paramount in warehouse environments, with many people working with heavy machinery and noise levels high, risks need to be minimised in all areas to ensure a safe workplace. Going beyond being compliant with health and safety laws to promote safety procedures and good practice also fosters a better relationship between staff and leadership, boosts morale and motivation. 

PVC doors and strip curtains are one of the most versatile and useful entrances for warehouses and distribution centres. We’ve previously discussed in our blog their benefits for controlling airflow in server centres, and the unique properties that make them the ideal choice as welding screens, but their most common and familiar use is that of a drive-through door. 

Vehicles and forklift trucks are two the most serious hazards to be encountered in warehouses. The HSE reports that nearly a quarter of all workplace transport accidents involve forklifts. Preventing injury, damage to equipment and facilities requires proper safeguards including training and regular maintenance on trucks and infrastructure. PVC strip curtains provide multiple benefits for use with forklift trucks: 

  • Transparent PVC doorways provide sight lines between areas, so that the driver of a forklift and any workers on the ground can keep clear of each other. 
  • PVC curtains as doorways do not require any levers, buttons or automation to operate - they can simply be driven through without damage to the forklift or curtains. 
  • The thick overlapping panels of strip curtains can be used on exterior doorways. The waterproof and insulating material keeps out wind, rain and cold in winter and keeps warehouses cool in summer without hampering air conditioning. 

We make PVC strip curtains at our Norwich workshop to any size or specification and have a wide range of options available to choose from. Our experienced team can advise on the best fit for your workplace. Visit our showroom on Sweet Briar industrial estate or call us on 0800 0180304 for a free quote.