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Domestic garage and personnel doors

For those looking for a high quality garage door for their home, Cooks Doors can supply and install any door from the full range of garage door types. Our experienced surveyors can help you choose the best door for your set-up, and our installation team will fit it.

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Our garage doors

All of the doors we supply and install can be operated manually, and most can be automated to open and close from a fixed or remote controller. Not sure what’s the best door for you? Ask our experienced team for a recommendation.

Up and Over garage doors

Up & over garage doors

The most popular and cost-effective door style. This traditional style single panel door can be easily adapted to accommodate glazing or ventilation options.

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Up and Over garage doors

Sectional garage doors

The best option for those looking for maximum security. Sectional doors can also be constructed out of panels that provide excellent thermal insulation.

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Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors

The economical choice for garages with narrow entrances or where space is at a premium. Roller doors open vertically into a space behind and above your entrance.

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Up and Over garage doors

Side hinged garage doors

Double leaf side hinged doors can be opened fully for vehicle access or just one half to allow a person through. This traditional style is available with windows.

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Up & over garage doors

The up & over garage door offers you quality, security, good looks and ease of use. Combine this with mature technology and you get a simple, cost-effective solution suitable for almost any home.

These doors are popular for their simplicity, durability, and space-saving design. They are most commonly found in residential settings and are available in various materials such as steel, wood, and aluminium, with different finishes and styles to match the aesthetic of the home.

Benefits of up & over garage doors

Up & over garage doors offer several advantages, which contribute to their popularity in residential settings:


Up & over garage doors are relatively simple in design and operation. They usually consist of a single panel that moves along horizontal tracks. This simplicity often translates to ease of use and maintenance.


Unlike some other types of garage doors, such as sectional doors that require tracks along the ceiling or walls, up & over doors swing outwards and then move parallel to the floor. This design allows for maximum clearance in the garage space, making them suitable for garages with limited headroom.


Durable materials such as steel, wood, or aluminium are sturdy and can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing long-lasting performance and security for the garage.

Available in a variety of finishes and styles

Adaptable to suit different architectural designs and preferences. Homeowners can choose from various colours, patterns, and window designs.

Security features

The up & over garage doors we supply and install come with optional built-in security features such as locking mechanisms and reinforced panels, which help enhance the security of the garage and the belongings stored inside.


Compared to some other types of garage doors, up & over doors can be more cost-effective to purchase and install. The clever design and construction often results in lower initial costs compared to more complex doors.
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Sectional garage doors

We have a variety of options available in our sectional overhead door range including double skinned doors such as the LPU 67 Thermo and LPU 42 which offer very good thermal insulation, increased stability and smooth operation.

If you like the look of traditional timber doors but want the modern advantages of a sectional overhead door, then ask our sales team about the LTH 42 solid timber door. It’s well suited for timber houses or buildings with timber framing or facade elements, or for anybody who just loves the look of a classic timber door.

Benefits of sectional garage doors

Sectional overhead garage doors offer several advantages, which contribute to their popularity in residential and commercial settings.


Sectional overhead garage doors open vertically, with each panel moving independently along tracks. This design allows the door to open and close without swinging outward, making it ideal for garages with limited space in front of or inside the garage.

Customisable sizes

Sectional doors can be customised to fit various garage openings, including non-standard sizes. We can tailor the number of panels and their dimensions to accommodate different garage dimensions and configurations.

Insulation options

The sectional panels can be insulated, allowing homeowners to choose doors that will help to regulate the temperature inside the garage. Insulated doors help reduce energy costs and improve comfort.

Enhanced security

Sturdy materials and secure locking mechanisms make these doors a reliable choice for homeowners concerned about security. Additionally, the absence of external hinges and handles reduces the risk of unauthorised access.

Smooth operation

Sectional doors are typically installed with motorised openers for smooth and convenient operation. Open and close the door at the push of a button, eliminating the need for manual lifting and reducing strain on the user.

Aesthetic appeal

Available in a variety of materials and finishes that complement different architectural styles and personal preferences. Homeowners can choose from options such as steel, aluminium, wood, or fibreglass doors, as well as various colours, textures, and glazing panel designs.

Longevity and durability

Sectional overhead doors are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use. High-quality materials and construction methods contribute to their longevity and durability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.
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Roller Garage Doors

Because they are universally applicable to any size garage or garage door opening, roller garage doors are one of the most popular styles of garage door. They provide an efficient amount of space within the garage, you won’t have to worry about the garage door opening outwards or inwards.

The design of a roller garage door means the door opens vertically, making a roller garage door the perfect choice for homeowners with limited space both within the garage and outside on the driveway.

Benefits of roller garage doors

Roller garage doors offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for residential properties:

Space-saving design

Roller garage doors open vertically and roll up into a compact coil above the opening, maximising space both inside and outside the garage. Ideal for properties where limited driveway space or ceiling clearance restrict other options.

Smooth and quiet operation

Roller doors operate smoothly and quietly, making them suitable for garages attached to living spaces or where noise reduction is desired. The rolling mechanism typically involves nylon rollers and tracks that ensure quiet and efficient operation.

Security features

Roller garage doors are known for their robust security features. They are made of strong and durable materials such as steel or aluminium, and models may feature reinforced locking systems and automated security measures.

Weather resistance

Roller doors provide excellent protection against the elements. They are designed to seal tightly when closed, helping to keep out rain, wind, dust, and debris. Some roller doors also come with additional weatherproofing features.


Equipped with motorised opening systems, roller doors allow homeowners to open and close the door with the push of a button or a remote control.

Low maintenance

Minimal maintenance is required to keep your roller garage door in good working order. The rolling mechanism typically consists of few moving parts, reducing the likelihood of mechanical or the need for frequent repairs.

Variety of designs and finishes

Roller garage doors are available in a variety of designs, colours, and finishes to complement different architectural styles and preferences. Homeowners can choose from options such as textured finishes, wood grain effects, and custom colours to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their property.
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Side hinged garage doors

Side hinged garage doors such as the DFT 42 are often selected when renovating older, smaller garages. With the hinged garage door, the entire garage interior can be optimally used as the door opens outwards.

With a double-leaf hinged garage door, either one or both of the leaves can be opened as required. There is even the option for asymmetrical leaves.

Benefits of side hinged garage doors

Side-hinged garage doors offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice for certain applications:

Traditional Aesthetics

Side-hinged garage doors often have a classic, traditional appearance that complements older homes or properties with a rustic architectural style. They can add charm and character to the overall look of the property.

Easy Manual Operation

Side-hinged garage doors are typically operated manually, swinging open and closed on hinges similar to regular doors. This manual operation can be advantageous for homeowners who prefer a simple, low-tech solution for their garage access.

Partial Opening

Unlike some other types of garage doors, side-hinged doors allow for partial opening. This feature is convenient for quick pedestrian access without the need to fully open the entire door, which can be practical for tasks such as retrieving bicycles or gardening tools.

Durability and Longevity

The side-hinged garage doors we supply are constructed from durable materials such as steel, timber, or composite materials. When properly maintained, these doors withstand the elements and offer long-lasting performance.

Customisation Options

Side-hinged doors can be customised to suit individual preferences and requirements. Homeowners can choose from various materials, finishes, and designs to match the style of their home and enhance its kerb appeal.

Minimal Maintenance

Side-hinged garage doors typically have fewer moving parts compared to other types of doors, such as sectional or roller doors. This can result in lower maintenance requirements and reduced likelihood of mechanical issues over time.


Side-hinged doors provide an opportunity for improved garage ventilation when partially opened. This can help reduce humidity and prevent the buildup of stale air and odours inside the garage space.

No Ceiling Space Required

Unlike overhead garage doors that require ceiling space for tracks and mechanisms, side-hinged doors operate on hinges and do not required overhead clearance. This can be advantageous for garages with limited ceiling height or where overhead space is needed for storage.
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Manufacturer's brochures

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Hörmann green credentials

As a family business, Cooks are looking to the future and how the things we do today will impact the next generations of both our family and yours. One way we can do this is to choose suppliers who share the same ethos. This is why we are proud to be able to offer a full range of Hörmann garage doors. All Hörmann’s doors manufactured for residential properties are certified as CO2 neutral as standard. They achieve this by a variety of means such as the use of green energy from renewable sources at their European production facilities, and by working with ClimatePartner to offset emissions.

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