Controlling Airflow for Server Centres

Posted on 02/03/2018 Server and Data Centre

These days most businesses are reliant on their own data servers and being online to function properly, a power outage or server crash will mean work must stop for most industries. Indeed many companies are moving to cloud based storage, removing the need for their own data servers – but in turn the data centres of the cloud hosting company are growing at an incredible rate. Server and data centres are incredibly important for nearly all industries, businesses and companies of all sizes. Therefore keeping these centres controlled and secure, and running without any issues, is a top priority. 

Controlling Airflow 

Electronics get hot when they run for long periods and just like your fridge has be kept a certain distance from the wall and your computer has a fan built in, airflow is incredibly important to maintain peak performance for server centres. Airflow management keeps everything at the right temperature and well-ventilated keeps energy costs down and reduces power outages and crashes. 

Hot and Cold 

IBM’s Robert Sullivan introduced the concept of hot aisle/cold aisle cabinets in 1992, and that is still seen as the best way regulate data centres. Storing racks of servers in alternate aisles with a remotely controlled airflow management system is now the norm, with PVC curtains often used to separate the rows.  

PVC is an insulating material, keeping in heat or cold, and strip curtains are often used in locations where temperature control is important such as kitchens and cold stores. Using PVC curtains between aisles is a cost effective and energy efficient solution to maintain the correct temperature, whilst easily accessible for engineers and technicians. 

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