PVC Welding Screens and Curtains Made to Measure

Posted on 13th April 2018 Welding Sparks Flying

The sparks, intense light and UV rays emitted from welding are extremely dangerous, ensuring the correct equipment and procedures are absolutely necessary in the workplace or for extreme hobbyists. Welding screens and curtains around the area protect those nearby from the action taking place, as well as safely partitioning the workspace for the welder. PVC curtains have become the standard choice in recent years, their benefits outshining those of its rival: flame retardant canvas. 

Why Choose PVC? 

PVC has three distinct advantages over other materials, aside from its simplicity to install, keep clean and relative low cost: 

  • Semi Transparent – Being able to see if someone is at work behind the screen is far safer than opaque curtains that must be pulled back, especially in high noise locations such as construction and fabrication sites where you cannot hear the machinery in operation. 
  • Filters UV Light –  In compliance with EN ISO 25980 (formerly BS EN 1598) welding curtains and screens filter harmful ultraviolet (UV) and barely visible blue light, as well as UV reflections to a maximum of 10%. This protects anyone in the vicinity who may see the light of the welding, other than the welders themselves who of course will be wearing protective helmets and clothing. 
  • Flame Retardant – PVC is self-extinguishing and will not support combustion, providing protection from grinding sparks which the material will deflect and not be damaged by. 

We can supply and install made-to-measure welding screens, curtains or booths at any size. Our highly trained and experienced team can advise on the right arrangement for your needs, book a free survey online or get in touch with our office on 0800 0180304.  

Repairs and Replacements 

Despite the brilliant durability and strength of PVC curtains, occasionally you’ll need to repair or replace a section. This is easy to do and doesn’t require the full system to be replaced. 

We hold large stocks of PVC strip and sheet which we can supply in roll form and cut lengths to suit your individual requirements, ideal for if you need replacement strips or panels.

We keep the following standard sizes of welding grade PVC strip in stock:

  • Width 200mm, Thickness 2mm, Ribbed
  • Width 300mm, Thickness 2mm
  • Width 300mm, Thickness 3mm, Ribbed

We also keep in non-welding grade materials, of a standard and polar Coldstore grade in stock, in a range of colours. 

Get in touch for more details, call 0800 018304, email sales@cooksdoors.co.uk or visit our showroom on Sweet Briar Industrial Estate in Norwich.