Fire Door Safety Week 2018

Posted on 28th September 2018

This week is Fire Door Safety Week, a campaign to engage and educate building owners and users on how to use fire doors properly. Simply put, fire doors save lives. But a fire door can only work if it is correctly installed, maintained and used. Fire Door Safety Week aims to make everyone aware of how they can stay safe and improve fire safety at home, at work and in public. 

The campaign is raising awareness of the critical role that fire doors play in protecting occupants, buildings and fire fighters in the event of a fire. Watch this short film and share it with your colleagues, friends and families so that they can feel confident they know how to check a fire door, what to look for and how to raise concerns. 

Here at Cooks Doors we've been supplying fire protection systems for a long time, and have written a number of blogs on the topic. Find more advice here: 

If you have any worries about fire doors in your workplace or building, you can find advice on the official Fire Door Safety Week website. We supply, install and maintain fire doors, exits, shutters and curtains – get in touch if you need help deciding which is right for you. Call 0800 0180304 or email, or visit our Norwich showroom.