The Garage Door Solution from Hormann with a 10 Year Warranty

Posted on 22/05/2023

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Hormann Sectional Doors offer durability, security, and style. These are doors that have been designed to be fitted in almost any opening and provide a smooth and quiet operation. But what really makes them stand out from other garage doors is that they come with a 10 Year Warranty (This is for the door itself, the motor has a 5 year warranty - which is still an excellent guarantee of quality).

A 10 Year Warranty means that you can enjoy your Hormann Sectional Door for a long time without worrying about paying for repairs should a fault develop. Hormann is a leading manufacturer of garage doors and has a reputation for quality and reliability. Hormann can offer this long warranty because they are confident that the door’s structural design, high-quality materials and advanced technology mean it is resistant to weather, wear and tear, and break-ins.

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Hormann doors also come in a range of colours, finishes, and designs to suit your preferences and complement your home.

Hormann Sectional Doors have some additional benefits that make them a great choice for your garage:

  • Extra parking space. Sectional doors open vertically and slide into the ceiling. This means that you can park your car right up to the door and still open it easily. You also have more space inside the garage for storage or other purposes.
  • Effective insulation. Hormann Sectional Doors have a thick layer of foam between the steel panels that helps to keep the heat in and the cold out. This can reduce your energy bills and make your garage more comfortable to use.
  • Customisable features. You can choose from different sizes, shapes, and styles of Hormann Sectional Doors to fit your garage and your taste. You can also add windows, glazing, or ventilation options to enhance the appearance and functionality of your door.
glazed sectional garage door

If you are interested in Hormann Sectional Doors and want to learn more about their features and prices, contact us today. We are a trusted supplier and installer of Hormann products and we can offer you a free quote and consultation. We also provide professional installation and after-sales service to ensure that your door is fitted correctly and works smoothly.

Don't miss this opportunity to get a Hormann Sectional Door with a 10 Year Warranty. Contact our sales team on 0800 0180304 or, or visit our showroom in Norwich.


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