Roller Shutter and Exit Loop Installation

Posted on 18th April 2019 Secure parking for Norwich apartments by Cooks

Parking in any city centre is at a premium, with landlords wise to provide housing that has private parking facilities on offer. A new development of luxury apartments in Norwich saw the homebuilders, Circlet Homes, design for parking, with dedicated, secure entry parking provided. 

The new scheme at Conisford Court on Rose Lane features number plate recognition sensors and CCTV monitoring to ensure access is for residents only. Cooks Doors were pleased to offer our experience to the project, providing the installation of an exit loop and robust roller shutter door to the entrance of the parking lot. 

The exit loop system offers automatic entrance to the car park for vehicles that are recognised by the number plate recognition system, meaning residents can be assured that only their neighbours will be parking in the lot. This system removes the need for remote controls, which residents could forget – leaving them unable to access the site, and eliminates concerns over lost or stolen remote controls. 

The Titan roller shutter on the entryway was made inhouse by our experienced team of engineers in RAL 7031 to match the unique colours of the building. The robust shutter is extremely strong, made of interlocking galvanised steel to provide exceptional protection and security. 

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Rose Lane Private Car Park Shutter