What is an Exit Loop and How Do They Work?

Posted on 13th November 2018 Automatic Gate Installed by Cooks Doors

Automatic gates are great way to improve security at your home or business, as well as being a practical and time saving measure. Not having to get out of your car to open and close the gate behind you as you leave for work in the morning is an even greater perk on cold, wet or windy days! As well as remote control operation, gates can be automatically triggered to open by driving over an exit loop installed in a driveway. 

What is an Exit Loop? 

An exit loop is a device that detects a car being driven over it and signals the gate to open, just like the device hidden underground in front of an automatic door of a shop or office building. An exit loop allows a car to exit a driveway without a remote control, keypad or any other security device – which makes it ideal for guests, delivery drivers and visitors. 

How Does an Exit Loop Work? 

A loop detector is hidden underground and is triggered as a vehicle drives over an inductive loop, sending a signal to the gate to open. The loop is positioned in a strategic position in the driveway to allow the gates to open at the optimal moment without the driver having to wait for the gates to finish opening before reaching them. Depending on the length of the driveway and the likely speed being driven, the ideal location for the loop system can be determined. 

Safety loops and sensors ensure the gate doesn't close too early, keeping the gate open until the vehicle has safely passed. Of course entry loops are available too, which may be suitable for use where gates are within already secure compounds or there are alternative security measures in place. 

Gate with Exit Loop installed by Cooks Doors

What are the Benefits of Exit Loops? 

As well as being practical for drivers on days with poor weather, exit loops are an extremely secure system as it is hidden underground and cannot be tampered with. Allowing guests and visitors to exit without a remote, key or passcode is also time saving for secure car parks for offices, schools and businesses. 

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