Protect Your Livestock from the Elements this Winter

Posted on 7th November 2018 Galebreaker Screen for Cattle Barn

Last winter saw several heavy storms reach East Anglia, as well as ‘the Beast from the East’ – which saw much of rural Norfolk and Suffolk blanketed by several feet of snow. Long range weather forecasts suggest that this year’s winter could be one of the coldest in recent years, but even a mild winter requires protection from the elements for livestock. 

Keep Out the Rain and Snow

Whether a shower, downpour or blizzard is forecast you can keep your livestock dry with Galebreaker doors and screens. Tightly woven mesh lets in fresh air but keeps out rain and wind, providing a simple solution to keep animals and equipment safe. Made from PVC coated polyester the mesh is strong and durable, with a minimum tensile strength of 3.3 tonnes and is tear resistant, rot proof and long lasting. 

Galebreaker doors and screens for farm buildings in Norfolk

Any Size Barn or Building

We offer Galebreaker doors and screens for all types of buildings and entrances, with roller doors and screens, sliding track screens, clip on bay screens and extra-large doors up to 20 metres wide and 10 metres tall! No matter the size of the building or the entry requirements, we can provide a full suite of protection that will improve the welfare of livestock and keep equipment secure. See our ranges here!

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Galebreaker Agridoor for Store Barn