New Roller Shutter Doors for Rushmere Golf Club in Ipswich

Posted on 07/10/2021 Rushmere golf club new doors

Rushmere Golf Club on the outskirts of Ipswich was established in 1927. And the timber doors of this outbuilding probably date from not long after! As part of an overhaul of this area of the club grounds, we were asked to replace the old timber doors (that had clearly seen better days) with our own heavy duty Titan industrial power operated roller shutter doors.

These before and after pics really show the difference!


Rushmere golf club old timber doors before replacement


Golf club doors wide shot

The shutter curtains were constructed using 20g 75mm traditional curved laths secured with end locks - complete with inverted T-section bottom rail with stick on neoprene seal. The coil assembly had to be constructed using the correct barrel size calculated, depending on the door size.

All shutter curtains, side guides, support angles, head plates and coil casings were powder coated in matt black.

The doors are power operated with an up/down/stop push button control panel mounted on the interior wall of the building.

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