Installing Two Titan Industrial Doors in Tilbrook, Huntingdon

Posted on 23/06/2023

Titan industrial doors

We work with clients across the East of England, providing them with high-quality doors for all industries and applications. We recently installed two large Titan industrial power operated non-insulated roller shutter doors to a unit in Tilbrook, Huntingdon.

The Project

Our client contacted us to manufacture and install two heavy duty Titan industrial doors for their premises in Tilbrook, Huntingdon. The doors were required to suit prepared structural openings of 6000mm wide x 6000mm high. The project was completed on 5th May 2023.

The Doors

The Titan roller shutter doors are robust shutters suitable for industrial, agricultural and commercial use. We hand build Titan shutters in house. The shutter curtains also have an inverted T section bottom rail with a stick on neoprene seal. Additionally, we installed a nylon draught brush seal within an aluminium carrier fixed to the client's soffit panel across the head of the opening.

The coil assembly was constructed using the correct barrel size calculated based on the door dimensions. The galvanised side guides were mounted at a 75 x 50 angle, the depth of the guides calculated in relation to the shutter size (roller shutters over 4500 wide wind locked as standard).

The doors were power operated via GFA Inboard motors, complete with manual override, all wired and commissioned to the customer's 3 phase 16 amp 5 pin socket, installed adjacent to the motor side of the doorway approximately 1300mm from the floor. The operation was controlled by up/down/stop push buttons.

The Result

The installation was carried out by our expert fitters, who ensured that the doors were aligned and secured properly. The client was delighted with the final result, as the doors provided them with the desired security, durability and functionality. The doors also improved the appearance of their facility.

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