Improve Energy Efficiency with Automatic Doors

Posted on 21/01/2019 Geze Automatic Sliding Doors

Making your business more energy efficient is a win win situation, making improvements to the energy efficiency of your premises will cut on your energy bills, is good for the environment and helps you achieve your CSR goals. Simple measures such as just closing doors can go a long way, while upgrading to automatic and thermally insulating doors can pay for themselves in the savings generated. 

Close the Door Campaign

The Close the Door campaign has been running for over ten years, encouraging retailers in the UK to simply close their doors! Research has shown that by closing the front door, rather than keeping front doors open and using air curtains and heating, shops can reduce their energy consumption by as much as 54%! Evidence shows that footfall isn’t reduced by closed doors and that staff and customers prefer even temperatures around a shop or premises rather than air curtains and aggressive heating to compensate for open doors. 

Concerns over accessibility are easily solved by installing handles at lower heights, door bells or using automatic doors. Push pads for automatically opening a manual door can often be retrofitted to an existing door where fully automatic operation isn’t suitable. 

Geze Automatic Curved Sliding Doors with secure Entrance

Does an Automatic Door Save Energy? 

Yes! Studies have shown that automatic sliding doors not only release less heat than a swing door as people pass through, but that the energy saved by using an automatic door is far greater than the energy needed to operate the door. 

With easily programmable sensors to control sensitivity and range, automatic doors only open when needed and are available in hundreds of configurations. Increasing security as well as looking stylish, automatic doors are suitable for a huge range of commercial and public sector applications. 

Geze Revolving Doors in large lobby

Revolving Doors 

The revolving door was invented in 1881 as a door to avoid drafts, and whilst the design hasn’t veered much from the original, modern improvements mean that it is one of the most energy efficient door designs available. The air lock created by the compartments stops hot air escaping and allows foot traffic to flow in and out, making the design efficient in use as well in terms of energy. 

Modern revolving doors are collapsible, meaning the panels open out to allow large items to be transported through the doors and for crowds to pass through in the event of an emergency. 

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