Hormann Rollmatic Door Installation in Bungay, Suffolk

Posted on 27/04/2023

rollmatic door and Cooks van

The Hormann Rollmatic garage door is a space-saving and convenient solution. It’s an electrically operated roller garage door that fits behind the opening and offers maximum space inside and in front of the garage. The door is made of high-quality aluminium with foam insulation and comes with a unique spring system that ensures smooth and quiet operation. The door also has a fully enclosed hood that protects the roll from dust and dirt.

We recently installed a Hormann Rollmatic door for one of our customers in Bungay, Suffolk. The customer wanted a door that provided security and ease of use. They chose the Rollmatic in a Moss Green RAL 6005 finish, which is one of the standard colours available for this door. The door also came with two hand-held transmitters and an internal manual override in case of power failure.

door interior

The installation process was straightforward and quick, thanks to the skill of our installation team and the Hormann Rollmatic’s innovative design and technology. The customer had prepared the opening by fitting a full timber frame to the internal face, providing us with enough flat fixing face for the guides and the roller door box. We then fitted the door behind the opening and programmed the transmitters. We tested the door’s functionality and safety features, and explained to the customer how to use and maintain the door.

The customer was very happy with the result and impressed by the Hormann Rollmatic’s performance and appearance.

If you are interested in getting a Hormann Rollmatic door for your garage, please contact us today for a free quote and consultation. We are an authorised Hormann dealer and installer, and we can offer you a range of options and accessories to suit your needs and preferences. Contact our sales team on 0800 0180304 or sales@cooksdoors.co.uk, or visit our showroom in Norwich.


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