Emergency Repairs for Secure Unit in Sudbury

Posted on 8th July 2019 Sectional Door damaged after vehicle collision in factory unit

Keeping premises safe and secure is high on the list of any business, so when accidents happen and entryways are compromised it’s important to carry out repairs as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage and to create a safe working environment. Our repairs and maintenance team were recently called out to a factory in Sudbury, Suffolk, after a vehicle collision caused severe damage to a sectional door. 

 When our repairs team arrived on the scene, they found the sectional door buckled and propped up on wooden pallets to keep it in place. The panels of the door were badly damaged and the frame warped, but after assessment it was clear that the main mechanisms and operating system were in order, and the door could be fixed on site with our specialist tooling. The team carefully reset the panels and repaired the surface damage to the panelling, restoring the existing door on site. 

Cooks Doors repairs team mend damaged sectional door

Whilst they were on the scene, the repairs team looked over all moving parts of the door to check for any outlying issues and to make sure the door was in perfect working order before signing off. 

The swift response from our repairs team meant that the unit at the factory was caused minimal disturbance, and health and safety standards were resumed so that staff could continue to work safely. 

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repaired sectional door by Cooks repairs team