Door and Hardware Federation Garage Door Safety Video

Posted on 10/02/2022

dhf safety video still

The Door and Hardware Federation has released an information video explaining to homeowners the safety features they should expect as standard on automated garage doors. We thought we'd share the video, so people who might be concerned about the safety of installing automated garage door machinery on their property can have their fears allayed.

Whichever type of garage door you choose, it is essential that it is installed by a competent person who has been properly trained. Do not take the risk, ensure that your garage door is supplied and installed by a company who is a member of DHF.

By choosing a DHF member organisation to install your door, you are choosing a company:

  • that wants to see standards of products and services raised in the industry
  • that is dedicated to providing a professional service
  • that keeps abreast of the latest legislation and standards
  • that has the backing of a federation that’s been in existence since 1897
  • that has a network of professional consultants available to them
  • that has the advice and guidance from the industry’s top professionals and advisers.

Cooks Industrial Doors is proud to be a member of DHF and have access to the all the support that this accrediting body supplies. To get in touch with our sales team or arrange a visit to our showroom to talk to our garage door installation experts, call 0800 018304 or email