Upgrading Roller Shutter Doors in Foulsham After 30 Years

Posted on 06/05/2022

2 replacement roller shutter doors in Foulsham

We were invited back to Foulsham to replace two roller shutter doors that we had installed back in 1992. It really shows the quality of the original installation that these doors are only being taken out of service after 30 years!

Back in 1992, some of our current team of door fitters weren’t even born! A glance at the headlines for that year shows that the Conservative Party were embarking on a fifth term of government, preparations were underway for a historic Queen’s Jubilee, and people were hopeful that new treatments were making progress against the deadly virus that caused AIDS. How things have changed!

In the world of doors at least, there has been serious advancement. Technology has moved on in the last 30 years and the new doors we supplied and installed are quite an upgrade.

We were asked to remove the old doors and supply and install two Hörmann SPU F42 Double skinned insulated sectional doors.. Features include:

  • Compliance with EN 13241-1 (requirements for safety in use of power operated doors)
  • Wind pressure to EN 12424: Class 3.
  • Water tightness EN 12425: Class 3
  • Air Permeability BS EN 12426: Class 2
  • Anti-drop safeguard
  • Double skinned galvanised steel HFCF-CFC free polyurethane rigid foam sandwich core, horizontally ribbed door panel with finger trap protection to panel joint inside and out.

It’s nice to get repeat work, hopefully we’ll be back in 2052!

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