Supplier Spotlight: Who Are Hörmann?

Posted on 16th February 2018

Hormann Company spotlight

We’re a proud stockist and installer of products manufactured by Hörmann: a company whose quality and engineering expertise is unrivalled. Since 1935 Hörmann have produced more than 15 million doors. They are the leading provider of doors, gates, frames and operators in Europe. 

Who are Hörmann? 

August Hörmann founded the company in the Thirties and the company remains a family business to this day, now run by the grandson and great-grandson of August. The company has seen incredible growth over the years, and now has more than 6,000 employees in 26 specialised factories – 16 in Germany and 10 international locations, including two in the UK. Hörmann is a global brand, sold in more than 90 countries to domestic and commercial customers. 

Hormann Berry Door

An Innovative Company 

In the 1950s, Hörmann produced a new type of garage door on an industrial scale: the up and over garage door, or the so called “Berry door”. Since then Hörmann have been continuously developing innovative products that deal with specific needs for business and home use. Inventing new types of doors for factories and warehouses that increase safety and speed, they are the market leader for the production industries. Hörmann hold a number of patents for their innovative design and engineering practices that lead to unbeatable products. 

A Greener Future

Many of Hörmann’s products have a great focus not only on function, but impact on the environment too. For instance, many of their entrance doors and garage doors are incredibly insulated, improving your home’s energy efficiency. The insulation is made using environmentally-friendly procedures for foaming. Hörmann’s commitment to a greener future can be seen in all aspects of their production, such as using renewable energies to power factories, CO2 neutral printing and post and recycling of its packaging used to transport products. 

Read more about who Hörmann are and what they do on their UK website. For more information about any of our products, services or suppliers get in touch with our friendly sales team on 0800 0180304 or email