Steel Door Sets for Wex Photo Video Warehouse

Posted on 8th November 2019

We’re happy to be part of the thriving Sweet Briar Industrial Estate community, with fantastic businesses supporting each other and making the area a successful part of Norwich. Our neighbours around the corner on Frenbury Estate include the Wex Photo Video, who have grown from strength to strength over the past few years. 

Steel Door set for Wex Photo Video

We’ve supplied doors and shutters to Wex’s warehouse and showroom for a long time now, seeing them through rebranding and company changes. This autumn we were pleased to revisit the camera store to fit a new steel door set. 

The Goosewing Grey fire exit doors feature a push bar from the inside, with a flush surround making the door secure from the exterior without additional fixtures or locks. Intruder resistant, made to withstand all weathers, the robust doors come with a 10 year guarantee and an anti-corrosion warranty. 

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