Security Tips For Warehouses

Posted on 12th January 2018 Secure Doors and Fencing for Warehouse

The combination of multiple access points, irregular hours and the enticement of high volume and high value stock puts warehouses at risk from theft and burglary. Whether an organised attack or an opportunistic chancer, there are many practical measures you can take to protect your business from criminals. Here are our top tips to deter and prevent thefts and keep your warehouse safe. 


A necessary system for all security procedures, CCTV should be prominent and comprehensive externally and cover vulnerable points internally. 


Train staff to know how to recognise potential security threats and how to act accordingly. Screen and perform background checks on new personnel, as well as periodically following up on current employees. Security guards may be necessary for your facility, in which case choose a company registered with the BSIA. 

Locks and Key Controls

Ensure all internal and external doors, windows, gates and fences are correctly secured with locks. Access control systems are ideal for internal areas, with codes that are easily changed. Control employee access, restricting employees only to areas relevant to their position. 

Entrance Points

Limit access with one primary door for all members of staff, visitors and guests. Steel security doors provide extra protection with reinforced sub-frames, dog bolt hinges and toughened construction.  Make sure all fire exits are properly maintained and serviced each year to ensure safety as well as security. 

Car Parks and Access Points 

Keeping the staff and visitor car park separate to the shipping docks is absolutely essential. Provide separate entrances to the car parks with secure barriers or gates and keep the docking areas secure at all times. 


By law business owners are required to ensure that all internal and external doors are kept in good working order. We provide maintenance contracts so we can identify and remedy any potential faults before they develop or put your business at risk. In case of any problems arising, we have a 24-hour call out service to offer emergency door repairs and maintenance. 

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