Rolling Shutter Door for Hush House Filming Location in Suffolk

Posted on 25/11/2021
cooks van through warehouse exhaust

The Hush House is a former jet engine test facility in Suffolk that is now used as a cinematic location available for hire to the Film and TV industries. With its striking aircraft hangar interiors and exhaust tunnel, the Hush House is a popular location and has been used in episodes of Top Gear and the Fast and Furious film franchise. The wider Bentwaters park facility is a former airbase with period military buildings.

We'd previously installed seven doors on site, and we were invited back to supply and install a large Hormann Decotherm DD rolling shutter door. The custom built vertical rolling door was internally face fixed with a double-skinned steel profile curtain exterior and PUR foaming and wind lock, micro-profiled on both sides.

We built the door to suit a large prepared structural opening 5750mm wide x 4000mm high.

roller door at hush house bentwaters


  • Thermal insulation value: 4.1 W/(m²*K)
  • Acoustic value: 18 dB(A)
  • Water tightness: Class 0
  • Resistance to windload: Class 3
  • Air permeability: Class 0

The whole system was wired and commissioned to customers 3ph low level isolator with neutral & Earth & 5 pin socket (provided by the customer) fitted adjacent to the motor side of the doorway.

We included a key switch within the Hush House all wired back to the control panel within galvanised conduit on the outside of the tunnel. The control panel was fitted adjacent to the door, housed within a protective cabinet.

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