New Ranges of Road Barriers from BFT

Posted on 23rd March 2018

Automated barriers are necessary in a number of situations from commercial car parks to tollgates, improving security and controlling traffic flow. The new range of automated barriers from BFT that we supply and install, offer unparalleled technology and connectivity to make your premises futureproof. 

The Giotto and Maxima Ultra 

The Giotto and Maxima Ultra ranges by BFT are both automatic electromechanical barriers designed for intensive use. The Maxima Ultra has a frequency of use rating up to 20,000 a day (that’s more than 13 times a minute!) and all parts are designed to last, with the control units and aluminium housing configured and built without compromise and with a protection rating of IP54. Available in a range of sizes, widths and fully programmable to your needs with the innovative U-Link technology. 

U-Link Technology 

U-Link is an innovative platform exclusive to BFT that enables the creation of technological eco-systems, offering maximum control. U-Link connects all BFT products effortlessly to provide a multitude of advantages: 

  • B-eba expansion cards enable connectivity to external devices and are integrated with U-Link technology, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and TCP/IP protocols, as well as RS485 serial connection. 
  • U-Link Technology can work with or without a network connection, making it totally flexible. 
  • An infinite number of objects can be added to the U-Link platform, which means that it is scalable and fits your needs as they grow. 
  • Control can be aggregated across various B-ebas to individuals and groups. 
  • Two-way communication enables remote maintenance of products. 

Clonix receivers can be fitted to non-BFT barriers and devices to connect them to your U-Link platform, enabling old-generation or non-BFT products to be retrofitted and brought into line with modern technology. 

For more information or a free site survey, contact us on 0800 0180304 or Visit our showroom to see how we can help you with secure automation for public and private premises. 

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