Installing Twin White Roller Garage Doors in Blofield

Posted on 05/06/2024

Installing Twin White Roller Garage Doors in Blofield

Looking for a space-saving and stylish solution for your twin garage door opening? Last month, we installed a pair of electric roller garage doors in Blofield, showcasing the many benefits this option offers.

When it comes to twin garage openings, roller doors provide a distinct advantage: extra drive-through width. Roller doors are fitted behind and above your garage entrance, and they open vertically, maximising the available width of your garage entrance. This allows for easier access for wider vehicles and creates a more streamlined look for your property.

In this particular project in Blofield near Norwich, we supplied and installed two electrically operated Ultimate insulated roller garage doors, finished in a classic white to complement the homeowner's brickwork property and driveway. The doors were custom-sized to perfectly fit the structural openings, measuring 2575mm wide x 2200mm high.

For a clean and finished look, the door guides were reveal-fixed within the openings and included a fully enclosed hood discreetly fitted behind the lintels. To ensure optimal performance and user convenience, the Ultimate roller doors came equipped with several high-quality features:

  • Somfy motor. Renowned for its reliability and smooth operation.
  • 2no hand-held transmitters. For effortless remote control.
  • Internal manual override. Guaranteeing access even during power outages.
  • Wall-mounted receiver. Featuring a 105db alarm and courtesy light for added security and convenience.
  • Safety edge. Automatically stopping the door if it detects an obstruction.
  • Automatic lockdown. Enhancing security when the door is closed.
  • Brush-lined guides. Preventing metal-to-metal contact and reducing noise.
  • Weather strip. Ensuring a tight seal at the bottom of the door.

Are you considering a new garage door solution for your home? Look no further than Cooks Doors. We offer a wide range of high-quality domestic garage doors, including space-saving roller doors like those installed in Blofield.

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