Installation of Dock Levellers at Bury St Edmunds Warehouse

Posted on 6th December 2019 Before and After Dock Leveller Installation at Sealeys

Sealey are a popular and well-established professional tools and machinery company based in Bury St Edmunds, we were pleased to work with the brand at their impressive headquarters to improve warehouse logistics. 

The modern facility holds over 130,000 different products in stock and promises same day dispatch, so ensuring well maintained machinery, processes and staff safety is crucial to a streamlined workflow and customer satisfaction. 

The existing dock levellers had been in situ for a number of years and had were no longer efficient. In order to improve safety and speed of loading and unloading delivery trucks, our expert team removed the old levellers and installed four Hörmann HTL-2- P model telescopic lip dock levellers. Designed to compensate for differences in height between various lorry floors and ramps, Hörmann dock levellers allow a load to be moved in and out of a lorry in a single horizontal movement which is safer and faster for fork lift operators and staff. 

The range of Hörmann loading docks and houses are designed to maximise efficiency and safety, with elegant solutions for warehouses of all sizes and uses. Advancements in docking technology have led to the innovative DOBO system, which allows for docking before opening doors; increased insulation and seal types improve energy efficiency and protect temperature-controlled goods; RFID transmitters installed in the leveller for automatic stock control and processing. 

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Hormann Dock Leveller Installation at Sealeys