Installation of 19 Titan Shutter Doors for Ministry of Defence

Posted on 14th December 2018 Roller Shutter Doors with wicket inset at Bassingbourn

We were recently called to Bassingbourn Barracks in Cambridgeshire to remove and replace 19 shutter doors in anticipation of the MoD site returning to use. The barracks at the former RAF base have been uninhabited since 2014, but in 2019 will see the site near Royston welcome back soldiers as it receives units from Burgoyne and Henlow. 

We were contracted to remove and dispose of 19 damaged and defective roller shutter doors, and to manufacture and install 19 heavy duty doors in place. We installed heavy duty Titan roller shutter doors with inset wicket doors in each bay, with each opening measuring 3350mm x 4100mm. 

Juniper Green Titan Roller Shutter Doors

The shutter curtains were constructed using 22g traditional curved laths secured with end locks, complete with inverted T section bottom rails with neoprene seal. The manually operated doors were constructed with torsion spring assisted hand chains, and anti-fall-back device in compliance with BS EN 12604, rated for the weight and barrel diameter of the doors. 

The doors were finished in Juniper Green Plastisol, with the sheet steel fascia panels coated to match, as were the guides and wicket door frames and the bottom rails galvanised as standard. 

The new doors ensure the safety and smooth operation of the buildings for many years to come. 

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