Hormann Sectional Doors for Norfolk Farm

Posted on 2nd July 2020 Hormann Sectional Doors Installed by Cooks at Norfolk Farm

North Norfolk is home to a huge group of farmers and growers, who produce the majority of the country’s supply of peas and beans. The farming co-operative Aylsham Growers recently contacted us to upgrade one of their huge warehouses, the installation of two new sectional doors dramatically improving not only the aesthetics of the barn, but the logistics and efficiency too.

The Hormann SPU42 double skinned steel sectional doors were installed in Olive Green, with a wicket door providing easy pedestrian access. The two huge doors were installed with electric and manual operation, making vehicular access to the barns safe at the flick of a switch. Improving efficiency by shortening processes and making it simpler for staff and vehicles to access the barns, the doors also increase the energy efficiency with double skinned doors and weathertight seals improving insulation levels and regulating temperatures. 

The robust PU foamed panels of the sectional door are extremely durable, the double skinned steel panelled doors are suitable for a wide range of applications but especially so for the agricultural setting. Optimised for performance in all weather conditions and with safety and security built in as standard, the Hormann doors are the perfect choice for any large scale installation. 

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before and after installation of sectional doors for barnHormann sectional door in olive green with wicket door and matching frame.jpg