High Speed Doors: More Than Meets the Eye

Posted on 15th March 2018

High speed doors open in the blink of an eye, their speed is unparalleled but it’s not the only advantage these doors have over others. High speed doors are commonly installed for areas where time is of the essence, such as fire and ambulance stations, but there are a number of other benefits from the Hormann range that make them a great choice for warehouses, commercial and agricultural units. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for small openings or up to 100 metres wide, with anti-crash sensors and a range of controls. High speed doors from Hormann are available in galvanised steel or flexible materials, in endless designs and configurations but all made to last and with a ten-year guarantee on availability of spare parts, operators and controls. 

High Speed Door for food processing

For Food Supply and Supermarkets

A range of insulation options and including the Iso Speed Cold makes it a great choice for fresh, cold store and deep freeze areas. The Iso Speed Cold is fast, airtight and incredibly efficient, maintaining the room temperature and reducing energy consumption. The V2515 model can stand up to high pressure cleaning, making it a great choice for wet areas such as fish or meat preparation and storage. The V2012 is designed for supermarkets, a practical door for the warehousing and stock areas that’s durable, safe and practical. 

High speed doors for cold room manufacture and research

For Manufacture and Research 

The V3015 Clean is a special curtain that can withstand the air pressure differences that result from air purification in clean rooms. The tightly integrated side guides of the door minimise air loss or leakage and enables an optimum design for ventilation systems. 

The V3009 is designed to fit onto conveyor belts or between the operating sections of production lines. Used to save energy and reduce draughts and noise, it can be integrated into existing PLC systems as well as new operations. 

For more information on any of our products get in touch with our team on 0800 0180304 or sales@cooksdoors.co.uk, or visit our showroom in Norwich. View the Hormann High Speed brochure online here