Summer Shade and Shelter for Livestock

Posted on 22nd May 2018 Our agricultural bayscreen.

Galebreaker Agridoors, as the name suggests, are manufactured to withstand some pretty extreme weather. However, they are a product that are useful to farmers all year round – providing livestock with shade from the heat of the sun in summer months as well as shelter from the elements during the winter.  

PVC Coated Polyester

Galebreaker screens are manufactured from PVC coated polyester. This advanced plastic mesh material won’t rot like canvas or wooden space boarding. The mesh is tear-resistant and boasts an incredible 3.3 tonnes of tensile strength.

Shade and Ventilation

Because the screens are constructed from a mesh, they allow in some light, but not the full glare of the summer sun. Livestock and farmers alike will appreciate the shade on the hottest days. Air can circulate through the tight mesh, but rain cannot penetrate – this prevents livestock bedding getting wet: a leading cause of bovine mastitis.

Vermin Proof

Rats and birds love the shelter and food provided by a livestock barn. Understandably, farmers aren’t so keen on these uninvited guests. Galebreaker doors and screens can prevent vermin from gaining access to a barn.

Full Installation by Professionals

We install the full range of Galebreaker products. The mesh can be attached to doors of different designs. Roller doors and maxi doors are particularly well suited for barns. The mesh can also be used to create large static or sliding screens that provide protection from the elements.

If you’d like to provide shade and ventilation for your livestock this summer (and protection from rain and snow later in the year) then get in touch. We supply and install Galebreaker doors and screens. Call Cooks Industrial Doors Ltd on 0800 0180304 or email

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